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DIAGNOSTIC TESTSRenuvix Labs is the forefront of infectious disease and pharmacogenetic (PGx) diagnostics

Our pathogen assays utilize the latest in quantitative RT-PCR (real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) technology to rapidly and reliably analyze your patient’s sample. Our full spectrum PGx testing platform targets the intersection of your patient’s genetics and medications.

DIAGNOSTICSMolecular PCR Laboratory

Renuvix Labs offers the latest in quantitative RT-PCR to rapidly and reliably analyze your patient’s sample to identify viral and bacterial pathogens.

DIAGNOSTICSPharmacogenomic Laboratory

Renuvix Labs offers pharmacogenetic testing that analyzes medication metabolic impact based on a patient’s genes and the medications they take.

DIAGNOSTICSSpecialty & Reference Laboratory

Renuvix Labs offers a board range of specialty and reference testing modalities to gain diagnostic insights, make clinical decisions, and improve patient outcomes.

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