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Renuvix Labs PGx testing program offers a low-cost and comprehensive suite of solutions to help clinicians personalize medication regimens based on a patient’s genetics.

Pharmacogenetics (PGx) is the study of how genetics affect the body’s response to certain medications.  With more than 90% of the population having at least one genetic variation that may affect their response to medications, the underlying and inherited genetic differences in metabolic pathways may affect an individual’s responses to certain drugs.  The activity of drug-metabolizing enzymes varies widely from person-to-person making metabolism a critical risk variable when deciding which medications to prescribe. At Renuvix, your patients’ health is our top priority. Renuvix Labs will help you better understand your patient’s genes and they interact with hundreds of the most commonly prescribed medications.

What is PGx testing used for?

  • Determine specific drug types and efficacy of patient medications
  • Predict best medication dosage and utilization for patients
  • Understand the adverse and side effects of certain medications

Renuvix PGx testing harnesses the power of your genetics to discover and inform how they may interact with medications.

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